With custom window frosting designs you can let your imagination go wild and give your home or workspace that missing touch it has been missing.

Frosting protects your furniture and blocks UV Rays while allowing natural light through,

Frosting is a film or sticker type product that we apply with soapy water and application tape when one chooses a design,
We have qualified teams who do all applications assuring that no bubbles are formed or left behind.

Our designers also go the extra mile and send you a BEFORE and AFTER mock up of your chosen window/door for your approval.
Any design ideas are also welcome.

Frosting is a great product to apply on your windows if you are looking for daytime and night time privacy – even with lights on.

This is also a very easy product to clean and maintain – a simple wet and soapy cloth is all you need.

Getting tired of your design or setup? Well then just peel it off, and you are left with your original glass J

CRICKET BALL went thru your window? NO PROBLEM
Frosting is easy to replace if damaged – just contact us.

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