Using Blinds in a Nature Inspired Design


Nature Inspired Design

Once reserved for industrial spaces and high rise offices. Blinds may not be the first choice that comes to mind when considering window coverings for a design inspired by natural colours and textures. Today’s modern blinds, however can not only work well within a natural scheme they can actually enhance an organic ambiance. Bringing in the perfect amount of sunlight to illuminate the room with the use of harsh electric lighting.

Colours & Textures

In terms of colour and texture, wooden blinds are a ‘natural’ choice. Warm tones of stoney Oak or driftwood can really blend well with wood floors. Creating a beautiful frame for a window overlooking a garden. If you’re working in a kitchen or bathroom you can achieve the same look with a long-lasting set of Retro Venetian Blinds.

Highlighting Natural Space

You can also take a less literal interpretation of nature. Why not highlight a natural space using a gorgeous Roller light filtering blind to let the light in. Sometimes it’s the most unobtrusive choice that ends up looking the most organic white blind, for example, will let the other aspects of the room shine without calling too much attention. We also love the look and feel of hanging your blinds slightly lower in the window, allowing the natural light to shine in the top edge.

Choices, Comfortability & Softer Edges

Roman blinds is an amazing choice for a comfortable room with softer edges. Draping fabrics and rich textures can be amazingly cosy and inviting. While they may not scream Zen or ‘outdoors’ they do help to achieve a very simple plush space. Perfect for spending a bit more time in.

Looking for the right window covering for a natural room. Remember that your choices go beyond curtains and blinds that can often achieve a similar or even better effect.

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