winter window trends

3 Winter Window Dressing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss This Year

Winter Window Dressing Trends

With cold months drawing nearer, window dressing plays a significant role in our interior. You might already know, blinds and curtains are great for helping to reduce heat loss hence keep your home warm and cosy. But for many of us, making a home looking trendy is just as important.

These 3 window dressing trends will make your home look stunning and won’t stay unnoticed by your neighbours.

1. Taupe

Winter Window Dressing Trends

(Roller Light Filtering Blinds)

This blind is simple in design, stylish and easy to operate. The blind can be rolled up or down to achieve the required level of shading. a wide range of materials and colours ensures a match for any decor, whether it is one of our urban designs for our living room or bedroom.

Letting in natural light with having total daytime and nighttime privacy.

Winter Window Dressing Trends.

Perfect for Living Rooms, Lounges, Bedrooms.
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2. Charcoal Black

Winter Window Dressing Trends

(Double Roller Blinds)

The Double Roller blind is the answer to a quality blind that provides you with versatile privacy and light control options. These blinds work on the unique principle of two independently operated layers of fabric. The one blind will be blockout and the other blind a screen.

The Screen is there for daytime use where it gives you privacy and fights harsh UV rays letting in natural light while you have a full view of the outside. The Blockout is there for nighttime to darken your room and give you total privacy. Controls and Brackets are hidden from view in the overhead rail cassette with a simple raise/lower chain on each side.

This makes them an even more Aesthetically pleasing option and one which would grace any home which values its style as much as practicality. Cassettes are available in White or Black. Perfect for Lounge/TV Rooms/ Bedrooms and Office Boardrooms/Meeting Rooms.

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3. Perth Storm Dark Grey

Winter Window Dressing Trends

(Ripple Shade Curtains)

The ripple shade curtain is a contemporary window treatment that brings a delicate soft flow to your window covering. Draped with a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, Ripple Shade curtains offer both the luxury of a curtain with the simplistic structure and function Of a blind. The Ripple Shade curtain combines perfectly with a roller screen or roller blockout blinds. The Ripple Shade features heavy-duty track systems with runners equally spaced to allow the asymmetrical wave look appearance of the fabric across the full width of the Ripple Shade.

Ripple Shade fabrics are available in three Ranges – Perth is what we offer online – Perth filters light and allows a view to the outside – available in 7 neutral colours. Perth fabrics can Also be lined with a dim outlining and serve a dim out and privacy function. Dim out colours will match your chosen Perth sheer fabric if You choose to have a lining. Perfect window dressing for this winter.

Ripple Shade curtains perfect for every window/sliding door in your house.
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Trends Are Not Timeless

As much as we want our homes to look trendy, it’s worth remembering trends are not timeless. Trends come and go, but the desire to feel comfy and cosy at home is always there. That’s why to choose trends that go great with your interior and look pleasing to your eye.

What’s great about window dressing trends is that it’s accessible and affordable to change those a few times a year depending on your budget.

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How to Clean Your New Blinds

clean blinds

After you buy blinds for your home, you need to know how to take care of them. Probably the most important aspect of proper care for your blinds is keeping them clean. When you clean them regularly, they keep allergens like dust and pet dander out of your home’s air. Too, like anything else, regular cleaning keeps dust and other contaminants from turning into a layer of gritty dirt that can actually harm your blinds.

Here’s how to keep your blinds clean and your home as allergen-free as possible:

Dust Blinds Once Weekly

To keep your blinds clean, dust them regularly. If you clean them once a week, you’ll avoid any dust build-up that can occur if you let it go.

Dusting Fabric and Double Roller Blinds

Dust Roman and double roller blinds with your hand vacuum’s soft brush tool on a low suction setting. Or, if you don’t have a hand vacuum, you can fasten a similar tool to your floor vacuum. The key to success is to use a low suction setting so you won’t damage the fabric.

Dusting Retro Aluminium

Dust retro aluminium blinds with a dust cloth, dusting glove, or a special dust-attracting product like Swiffer or a similar product. Extend your blinds fully. Adjust them until they’re almost closed. Hold onto the bottom rail of the blind and then dust, slat by slat. Next, reverse the slats and repeat. That way, you will get all the dust.

Cleaning Stubborn Dirt and Grime from Your Blinds

If your blinds have too much dirt for mere dusting to clean, you’ll need to clean them with a gentle cleaning solution. Only use mild cleaners on your blinds. If you’re unsure, ask your Galaxy Blinds professional for his or her recommendation.

You can also create your own mild cleaning solution. A mixture of dish detergent—not dishwasher powder—and warm water can clean most types of fabric blinds.

Clean Blinds Gently

Whatever the material, treat them gently. Never scrub them. Just dab, using gentle pressure as you clean. After you finish cleaning them, rinse them, and then air dry them. With wooden or retro aluminium blinds, you may want to use a microfibre cloth dampened with water or your cleaning solution.

Special Care for Motorised Blinds

Since motorised blinds depend on electrical power, keep moisture out of electrical components like batteries or other parts.

With regular cleanings and proper care, your blinds can last for years to come.

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