Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds, What are the Uses?

Outdoor Blinds

Whether you own a restaurant, a café, an office or some kind of business, adding commercial outdoor blinds to your workspace will not only enhance functional value but also improve the work environment. If you aren’t convinced yet, read on.

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Uses of Commercial Outdoor Blinds

Listed below are a few places where they can be used:

1. Restaurants

Do you want your customers to have some privacy while seated in your fine dining? Then outdoor roller are perfect for you as they help increase the privacy of your restaurant,while enhancing the aesthetics. Custom outdoor Roller come in various colours and styles and picking the right outdoor blinds can do wonders to the exterior of your restaurant.

2. Business Workspace

Over the past few years, commercial spaces and settings have become smaller in size. To maximise business workspace and give it an illusion of being slightly larger, you can use commercial outdoor blinds. Not only are they easy to use, but most of them are also easy to maintain.  Roller screen, does not require a lot of cleaning. They not only protect you from harsh weather conditions but also are simple and manageable. Hence, outdoor blinds work wonderfully for small business places.

3. Café

Awnings and outdoor blinds help protect your furniture or accessories that you place outside your café. Be it the harsh heat waves or the striking raindrops, commercial outdoor roller blinds come to your rescue! They also add to the appeal of your café, making it look chic, sophisticated, and French.

In addition to providing protection from the unpleasant weather conditions, they also safeguard your place from bugs and other insects.

They bring in warmth and coziness to your café by making it comfortable.

4. Offices

You can also incorporate outdoor commercial blinds in offices. They not only block sunlight and keep your space cool but also, help you control the amount of sunlight you would like to let inside. Thus, they can help you save money by cutting down on the electrical bills. This way, the help conserve energy.

When employees are in their comfort space, they tend to be more creative and productive. Increase the productivity of your employees by giving them the comfort they desire by installing commercial outdoor blinds.

6. Beach houses

With summer just around the corner, who wouldn’t want to spend their evenings on a cool beach? Outdoor blinds are the perfect additions to your beach house and a great way to attract customers. They provide the much-needed shade after basking in the sun for long.

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Using Blinds in a Nature Inspired Design


Nature Inspired Design

Once reserved for industrial spaces and high rise offices. Blinds may not be the first choice that comes to mind when considering window coverings for a design inspired by natural colours and textures. Today’s modern blinds, however can not only work well within a natural scheme they can actually enhance an organic ambiance. Bringing in the perfect amount of sunlight to illuminate the room with the use of harsh electric lighting.

Colours & Textures

In terms of colour and texture, wooden blinds are a ‘natural’ choice. Warm tones of stoney Oak or driftwood can really blend well with wood floors. Creating a beautiful frame for a window overlooking a garden. If you’re working in a kitchen or bathroom you can achieve the same look with a long-lasting set of Retro Venetian Blinds.

Highlighting Natural Space

You can also take a less literal interpretation of nature. Why not highlight a natural space using a gorgeous Roller light filtering blind to let the light in. Sometimes it’s the most unobtrusive choice that ends up looking the most organic white blind, for example, will let the other aspects of the room shine without calling too much attention. We also love the look and feel of hanging your blinds slightly lower in the window, allowing the natural light to shine in the top edge.

Choices, Comfortability & Softer Edges

Roman blinds is an amazing choice for a comfortable room with softer edges. Draping fabrics and rich textures can be amazingly cosy and inviting. While they may not scream Zen or ‘outdoors’ they do help to achieve a very simple plush space. Perfect for spending a bit more time in.

Looking for the right window covering for a natural room. Remember that your choices go beyond curtains and blinds that can often achieve a similar or even better effect.

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window treatments

How to Choose Safe Window Treatments for Your Nursery

window treatments

The window treatment professionals at Galaxy Blinds have some tips to help you out. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right window treatments when you have young children in your house.

1. Save the Floor-Length Draperies for Later in Your Child’s Life

You made the right decision. Climbing up on the curtains may seem like an adventure to him or her, but it’s one that could land him in the emergency department of your local hospital. Also, many floor length draperies have pull cords—a strangulation risk. Choose a safe window treatment and you’ll have one fewer thing to worry about.

2. Leave the Beads for Later

Children love to chew on brightly coloured, sparkling items. To them, these objects look like delicious candies, making them a choking hazard. Even though you love that beaded valance or trim you want to attach to the roller blinds in your child’s room, wait until your child is old enough to know not to put beads in her or his mouth.

3. Insist on Proper Installation

Unless you or your loved ones have extensive experience in installing window treatments, leave the installation to professionals. With professional window treatment installation, you’ll never have to worry about loose hardware causing a blind casing to fall.

4. Install Child-Safe, Blockout Blinds

Blinds are a great choice for a small child’s room. You can wipe them clean easily, they don’t extend to the floor, and you can dress them up with fabric to match your nursery décor. Even better, you can purchase wand-operated or motorised blinds that take the cord out of the picture. Since excessive heat raises the danger of SIDS in young children, choose blockout blinds that can keep the sun’s heat away from your child’s room.

5. Keep Your Child’s Crib or Bed Away from the Window

Again, children have no fear of climbing. Even if you choose motorised or wand-operated blinds, the extra height of the crib or the bed can give them a platform on which they can launch their climb. When you place your child’s bed or crib away from the window, you eliminate the climbing risk. When your child is old enough to know not to climb on the window treatments, then you can move the bed closer to the window.

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aluminium blinds

The Undeniable Benefits of Installing Aluminium Blinds

galaxyblinds Aluminum Blinds

Whether you’re renovating your property or upgrading a new home, finding the right type of blinds for your lifestyle is essential. Available in an array of colours and tones, aluminium blinds also convey lots of other benefits. From energy savings to extra privacy, there are plenty of reasons to choose them.

Their reflective nature means you’ll save money on your energy bill

When you opt for reflective aluminium blinds, you’ll save money on your energy bill. The reflective coating applies to heat gain and loss, which means they’ll benefit your HVAC system throughout the year.

One way to bolster the energy-saving benefits is to choose thick horizontal blinds. When you adjust them during the daytime, you can let natural flight flood in, reducing the need to switch on the lights.

They resist moisture, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens

From moisture through to dust, aluminium can resist all kinds of irritants. If you want to install Venetian blinds in your bathroom or kitchen, aluminium is perfect. Unlike wood, it’s not susceptible to the corrosive nature of water, allowing your blinds to last for longer.

Similarly, if you live by the coast, your blinds won’t fold under the pressure of salt and water. As for those of you who live in urban areas, you’ll find that aluminium doesn’t cave under the pressure of carbon monoxide, which is particularly prevalent in areas where there is lots of traffic.

Aluminium blinds suit those who want high-tech privacy

Finally, if you want to maintain your privacy with ease, an aluminium blind installation allows you to achieve exactly that. From automated systems to those that respond to remote controls, you’ll find that aluminium is the material that responds the best to electronically-controlled shutters. As an additional benefit, when you choose thicker vanes, you don’t have to worry about bends and kinks that could lead to visible gaps others could peer through.

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