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Shutters are most definitely an inspiring choice for your window or doors.

There is no better way to keep your room cool in summer than, warm in a window and bring a beautiful and classy look to your room with shutters. Modern-day living with our beautiful climate begs for spaces to be opened up to let in natural light and fresh air while maximising the views. Shutters is brilliant to control your privacy and airflow in your home, provide insulation against light and noise, its low maintenance, allergy free and easy to use.

Currently, you can enjoy 3 types of Shutters:



Altra Shutters allow you to control light and privacy by tilting the adjustable slats. The Altra Aluminium Shutter is designed to simulate the appearance and clean lines of a timber shutter while delivering all the strength and benefits of an aluminium shutter. The Altra Shutter’s aluminium construction provides key benefits in terms of weight, durability and allowing for the manufacture of wide panels.



focal point of your room. The Aluminium material is durable and easy to clean and is beautifully finished to simulate the elegance of traditional timber shutter. The Altra Shutter also provides great practicality with good control over light and privacy.



Altra Double Hinged Shutters features a hinged shutter in the traditional hold away style of a shutter. Altra Double Hinged Shutters will have either 2 Panels (both folding to the left or right) or 4 Panels, 2 folding left and 2 folding right, or six panel configurations. The advantage of the Double Hinged Shutter is a distinct traditional look, the Double Hinged Shutter also makes better use of the interior space when opening and is easier to accommodate obstructions in the room.



The art of security & style,
in one innovative product.

The Shutterguard Aluminium Shutter is the art of security and style in one innovative product and offers you the perfect way to enjoy both times at home and life away from home – because safety should always come first. The Shutterguard Aluminium Shutter

Is a savvy, sophisticated and secure solution for windows or doors – offering high-end security without compromising the aesthetics of your home, commercial or retail space.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor – Rust Proof – variety of colours available – 10-year warranty



Let the sunshine in.

The Hurricane Aluminium Shutter is a more simplified version of the Shutterguard Aluminium Shutter – the difference only being the security side. Exactly the same quality and finishing – these shutters have no locks/louvre locks which make it the non-security

The version of the above mentioned Shutterguard Aluminium Shutter. Great for windows and Doors if you have alternative security solutions already installed.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor – Rust Proof – variety of colours available – 10-year warranty



Natural light.
Privacy on demand.

The ThermoWood shutter is a practical custom made louvre door shutter, manufactured from a durable specially engineered wood substitute – extruded PVC – that has been thoroughly tested under stringent humid, hot and dry conditions to ensure longevity.

These shutters are easy to clean and maintain, perfect for moisture areas as this shutter will not swell when wet. This shutter is also fire resistant – mainly indoor use – 3-year warranty only.