Retro Aluminium Blinds

Makes a statement | Suits contemporary interiors | Bold & exciting

Retro Venetian blinds are very unique. We combine aluminium, textile & wood textures to make the perfect blinds to make a statement. The Retro Blind is a fun product where you play with your colours. You choose your aluminium and compliment it by choosing your wooden finish. Just like the 25/35mm Blind, the Retro Blind is a high quality, durable and functional blind. Have full control over your light filtration and privacy by tilting the blades in one easy gesture. A Blind loved by many, suitable for most areas in your home or office.

  • maximum width of 3000mm and maximum drop of 3000mm.
  • blinds smaller than 600mm will have split controls.
  • All Retro blinds are manufactured using 0.23 micron thick aluminium slat. All retro aluminium blinds will come with a wooden valance to hide the head-rail.
  • Cut outs on sides are available on all wooden blinds.
  • Retro aluminium blinds are not a light block-out product.
  • This blind will close sufficiently to allow privacy but will allow light into the room.
  • Please note large Retro blinds will be heavy to lift at times, this blind is normally used when down, just control your light and privacy with a tit of the slats.
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