Outdoor Roller Blinds

Durable exterior finishing | Modern contemporary design | Maximum use of your patio

This Blind is a modern alternative to your patio. The Sheerweave fabric manages heat and glare on your patio while remaining your view. Outdoor Sheerweave blinds can be made up to 5,1m wide and a maximum drop of 3m. This allows for large areas to be covered in one blind. The Outdoor roller blinds comes with a motorised option as well as side channel and weather proof cassettes.

  • Maximum width of 5100 and maximum drop of 3000.
  • Outdoor blinds are supplied with hold down systems.
  • Outdoor blinds should always be secure by the hold downs clips to avoid damage or injury when lowering.
  • Recommended always that the fabric be tensioned by cranking the blind up until there is tensions on the fabric.
  • Please note that outdoor blinds are designer to be able to break the wind but in exceptional weather conditions or high winds, blinds should be raised. Slight rippling and bowing of the outdoor fabric is normal when the blind drop is extended.
  • Screen fabric like sheer weave offer day time privacy and views, but offer no night time privacy. Side channel and full enclosed cassettes are also available.
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