Double roller

 Day / night blind | Practical any time of day | Modern and Stylish

The Double Roller blind is the answer to quality blind that provides you with versatile privacy and light control options. This blinds works on the unique principle of two independently operated layers of fabric. The one blind will be blockout and the other blind a screen. The Screen is there for daytime use where it gives you privacy and fight harsh UV rays letting in natural light while you have full view to the outside.

The Blockout is there for night time to darken your room and give you total privacy. Controls and Brackets are hidden from view in the overhead rail cassette with a simple raise/lower chain on each side. This makes them an even more Aesthetically pleasing option and one which would grace any home which values its style as much as practicality. Cassettes are available in White or Black.

Perfect for Lounge/TV Rooms/ Bedrooms and Office Boardrooms/Meeting Rooms

  • Max width 2500mm and max Height 3000mm
  • Cassettes are powder coated aluminium and comes in white or black. Matching colour plastic chain are supplied complete with made up blind.
  • Cassettes fit perfectly inside a standard side recess of any window – one only needs 60mm of opening space to fit the cassette inside the reveal.
  • The screen blind is installed at the bottom part of the cassette and has a standard roll direction of material.
  • The Blockout is installed at the top part of the cassette and has a waterfall roll – which then easily passes the screen material for total blackness.