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Outdoor Blinds

South Africa offers a great outdoor lifestyle. Outdoor blinds can improve the look of your outdoor space, provide some privacy and keep out the elements creating an all year round comfortable outdoor entertaining area for your home.

outdoor lifestyle

Protection from the weather

South Africa may offer a great outdoor lifestyle, but with sunny skies and high summer temperatures comes extremely high UV. Providing shade and protection from the harsh SA sun. By installing Galaxy Blinds Outdoor blinds. Create an outdoor space which can be comfortable to enjoy on those hot sunny days. Likewise, when the Fremantle doctor kicks in, outdoor blinds can provide protection from the cooler breezy conditions and when the winter months set in, you can still enjoy your outdoor area with protection from the wind and rain.

Maximise on space

As house and commercial blocks are getting smaller, outdoor blinds can help maximise your outdoor space, by covering in veranda and patio areas, to bring you more usable space.

Create a stylish outdoor area

Our blinds come in all colours and styles and can enhance the look of your outdoor lifestyle including patios, balconies and verandas.

outdoor lifestyle

Protect your outdoor furniture from the elements

The SA sun is harsh and can damage furniture and fade cushion colours. Protecting furniture from the elements and keep them looking new.

Keep away the flies and mosquitoes

Keep away unwanted guests such as flies and mosquitoes. Outdoor blinds protect you from insects and allow you to eat your meal outside in peace.


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