Office Blind, Finding the right one

Whether it be finding the right blinds for your home office or a commercial office

there are number of factors to consider. Before deciding on blinds for your office, consider how your new blinds will enhance the office environment.

office blind


consider how light in the office needs to be controlled. Whether it be for a home office or for a commercial office, controlling the amount of sunlight entering a space is essential. Another important factor to consider is the amount of glare. A big issue with office spaces can be the glare on computers screens or on televisions and projector screens in a boardroom.


consider how your office blinds are needed to regulate the temperature in the office. A lot of office spaces like to ensure there is plenty of natural sunlight entering the space however preventing that natural sunlight from heating up a room or making the air-conditioning and heating work harder then it needs to, to keep office temperatures regulated.

Lastly, consider the level of privacy required and how blinds could help to control the level of privacy when required. This is an important factor to consider for boardrooms, meeting rooms and even managerial offices. Whilst you might not need blinds that offer complete privacy for every window but consider how adding privacy blinds to some windows can help to control the level of privacy when required.

Frosting requirements are matched to exactly their needs no matter what size the project.

With South African sun being pretty strong, one will always have a problem when working on computers and controlling heat – with new Green Building laws apply, be assured that we have just the product for you.

We have a selection of window covering

to enhance the work or hospitality environment. Our products are designed to be durable, reliable and easy to use.

Our range of performance fabrics and materials are available to compliment the practical requirements of your commercial space.

Features of our commercial range are:
– Heat, glare and light management
– Energy saving – GREENGUARDED Sheerweave
– Wide fashionable colour ranges
– Range from budget to High Performance solutions
– Indoor air quality certifications
– Anti Bacterial certifications
– Flame retardant certifications
– Green and Eco friendly options
– Motorized solutions
– Wide widths fabrics and heavy duty systems cover openings in one span

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