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The Entertainer

When entertaining guests in your home, you want to make sure each room has that ‘wow’ factor. Whether hosting guests for a dinner or having friends over for a movie night, it’s easy to set the perfect scene with Somfy.

Read on as we take a look at the simple ways you can improve the entertaining rooms in your home.

Living Room

For many people, the living room is the first room which guests see once they enter through the front door, and first appearances do matter. With Somfy, you can make that first appearance pop.

The lighting in the living room can affect the mood of the people within it. If the levels of light are too low or too high, it can make people uncomfortable, so it’s important to pay attention to this and manage it effectively.

Blinds and Curtains

You’ve invited your guests over for a wine and movie night, except your current curtains don’t block out all the light. Perhaps, with the breeze, they may even flutter, opening the room to the sun’s harsh glare. The last thing your guests want is to be squinting to see a movie, or reaching for their sunglasses indoors.

With Somfy motorisation, that can all be fixed. You can adjust your blinds and curtains from the couch, without needing to get up and miss a moment. With our home automation solution, Connexoon Window RTS, you can control your blinds either with your smart phone or using voice control via your Amazon Echo or Google Home device.

Dining Room

Similarly to the living room, light control in the dining room is vital. The last thing you want is to have light shining in your eye while you’re trying to enjoy a meal! In this room, however, you don’t want to block light out completely and be eating in the dark.

Light-filtering treatments such as sheer curtains or translucent roller blinds will work best in this room, adding sophistication while keeping the space open and bright. With sensors, Somfy can give you the comfort you deserve, as blinds will adjust themselves automatically – closing when the sun is at its peak in summer, or opening in winter.


Some call the verandah the equivalent of an outdoor living room, and with Somfy, you can help make it just as comfortable!

South African summers can feel scorching, and our winters wet and dreary. A lot of families choose to avoid the verandah in those months, making it a ghost town until autumn and spring. With Somfy, that needn’t be the situation.

Somfy can offer you a variety of motorised and automatic controls, which will help manage the light, temperature and general sun and wind protection on your verandah. The best thing about these options is that your verandah will still be open to the outside world – except now, it will be a much more enjoyable place to be.

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