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Over the years we have built close working relationships with clients. Helping and guiding them in the right direction enhancing their living space with the right kind of blinds. We also specialize in the corporate field – working with project managers and office space planners. Making sure every project we work on goes as smooth as expected by all.

All our products come with a 2 year warranty. All our motors come with a 5 year warranty.

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BuyMyBlindsOnline is part of the GalaxyBlinds Group.

GalaxyBlinds is a well known Premium Blind supplier in and around Gauteng.

We are also an appointed Blind Professional.

Appointed by Blind Designs.

The Team at GalaxyBlinds realized that a more affordable and quicker way of dressing South Africa’s windows was needed. So…we introduce to you our very own BuyMyBlindsOnline shop. With a few clicks and secure online payment, we now will be covering the whole of South Africa, making sure that every blind we sell, will be the same quality as what you will receive from GalaxyBlinds direct. We do not believe in any cheap imports & We do not compromise on quality. Please view our current range, get an instant quote, add to basket and expect your blinds at your doorstep in just a few days.


Best Blinds Options for Rental Properties

Blinds and window coverings are used every day and yet many investors find them one of the most regrettable expenses, What are the best blinds?

What are investors looking for in a window covering?

  • Value for money
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe
  • A timeless look

Value for money


Our first instinct it to buy the cheapest when it comes to blinds for rental properties.

Just something off the shelf at Bunnings or Spotlight. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit perfectly, “it’s only a rental!”

But buying off the shelf window treatments have a lot of components and brackets which can break in a short amount of time. Most get used every single day, and these “quick fixes” often don’t sell replacement components, so once its broken and cannot be used every day, the blind then needs to be replaced.

Remember if you buy quality in the first instance, you’ll get longevity and save money down the track!

Low maintenance

The lowest maintenance blinds for rental properties are:

Roller Blinds

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of colours that fit all interior looks
  • Components available for easy fix
  • Good insulation
  • Can span wide width
  • Affordable



Vertical blinds

  • Using a wand control eliminates the need for child safety cords and locks
  • Wide range of colours that fit all interior looks
  • Components available for easy fix
  • Blades can be replaced or updated if track is still working
  • Can span wide width
  • Affordable

For safety, remember that the biggest risk that blinds cause is a choking hazard to children and animals so;

– Make sure roller cords have safety locks installed so they cannot hook around a child’s neck

– Remove all chains from the bottom of vertical. Choose sewn in or slip in bottom weights for vertical blinds instead

– Choose blinds that can be operated by wands, or motorised for a more luxurious property (motorisation might achieve a higher rent for you too!).

Maintaining a timeless look

Most blinds are refreshed every 8 years, and often when a new coat of paint is applied. Apart from the walls in the house, the window treatments span the next biggest space and make the biggest impact to the look of the property, both inside and out, so;

– Colours that are neutral and timeless – greys, creams, off-whites

– Low maintenance fabrics/material that can easily be wiped down or cleaned to maintain their fresh look

– Correctly fitted blinds for the window with no gaps or overhanging

– The right design of blind for a high traffic window. For example, a sliding door

– Block-out blinds for sleeping areas

What do tenants want when it comes to window coverings?

We should probably note what tenants prefer! No surprises here, roman or roller blinds are the most preferred window coverings for tenants.

What are the main considerations for tenants?

  • Function – does it provide privacy in sleeping, dressing and bathing areas, block the sun, retain the warmth/cool within the house or all of the above?

Buy My Blinds Online.


Sliding Panel Blinds , demanded and popular

Panel blinds are the newest and one of the most demanded and popular blinds in SA.

They consist of several fabric panels which are fitted into a special track system. The panels stack behind each other when the blind is retracted and glide to form a continuous covering when the blind is extended. Panel blinds are usually installed over sliding glass doors or large windows and are able to cover areas over 10 meters. The panels can be made from sizes as small as 200mm and up to and over 1000mm. In general, panel blinds can offer you multiple benefits such as light control, energy efficiency and privacy. They can be both effective and stylish for any type of the building.

Panel Blinds

panel blinds

The mechanism of panel blinds is very simple. They can be opened and closed in any way you want with a special control wand which pulls all panels in the desired direction. You can also order a motorized version to make operation even simpler. Automated panel blinds are particularly convenient for extra large windows, as well as patio and sliding doors, since you get an opportunity to shade the room in just one click of a button.

Panel blinds can be perfect for practically all types of windows because they offer elegant and smooth shading without any unnecessary details. If you are looking for a minimalistic design combined with an effective way to control the sunlight, then you should definitely consider panel blinds. If you are still hesitating, then you should take a look at the list of benefits which these unique window treatments can offer:


Totally closed panel blinds allow to block the sun and shade the whole room without any efforts, however when partial shading is more desirable, some or all panels can be stacked behind each other to allow any amount of sunlight flood into your space.


If you choose the right type of fabrics, you can increase your energy efficiency by 25%. It means that your rooms will stay cooler during hot summer days so that you will not need to use such cooling devices as fans or air conditioners. The same energy efficiency principle applies to cold seasons during which your room temperature will also stay higher than usual.


Panel tracks are a great way to cover your windows and thus avoid the looks of casual passersby. Depending on the type of fabrics you choose, you can achieve various degrees of privacy. For example, semi-transparent materials will allow partial view from the window when the blinds are closed, whereas blackout fabrics will provide total privacy. As you can see, all panel blinds provide privacy which cannot be compared with that offered by other types of window furnishings.


We are experts when it comes to designs and styles. We can offer a wide selection of colours. Textures and materials to make your blinds ideal for the interior theme of your rooms. Our specialists can take free measurements and provide their experience in order to craft efficient and stylish window treatments for your home or business.


In comparison to other window treatments, panel blinds are very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe them with a damp piece of cloth and let them dry naturally. In rare cases of breakdowns, you can call us and we will send a professional who will fix everything in mere hours.

Panel blinds are a contemporary and ground-breaking shading solution for large windows and sliding doors. Offers excellent protection from the sun as well as privacy from the outer world. Basically, panel blinds can be regarded as an advancement from older vertical blinds. Have been around for quite some time to gain popularity among Australian customers.

Panel blinds are designed to move along a tracking channel and can be opened or closed from left to right or from right to left. The system can be operated manually with a cord or automatically with special motor drives that are controlled with a simple push of a button.

The extensive array of styles, colours and fabrics is yet another advantage we can offer. We are ready to provide you with custom made constructions that will add those finishing touches to your interior and provide with the best light filtering options available on the market.

The Panel Glide system is an elegant and modern method of covering floor-to-ceiling windows. It comprises full-length panels of fabric often blackout fabric or Screen fabric. 400mm to 1m wide, which are suspended from a discreet glider channel track. Created from a flat fabric panel that are light weight and easy to operate, the blinds are drawn sideways using wand or a cord.

The Panel Glide system allows manual and/or cord operation. All of our panel blinds online are available to buy now. With a whole range of colours and styles to choose from. You can co-ordinate your new blinds with your existing décor.

The Panel Glide system can also be used to create a division between rooms.

Key Features:

  • Ecologic fabric available
  • Blinds keep house warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Many different colours available allowing you to co-ordinate the blind with the room scheme
  • Available with Translucent fabric allowing privacy without compromising the natural light entering the home environment.
  • Available with a variety of base rail options for maximum colour coordination.
  • Complete light and privacy control.
  • Traditional and contemporary styles available.
  • Available in blackout and screen fabric
    Modern and stylish design that allows to achieve privacy and control over the sunlight without much effort
  • Simple maintenance and operation
  • Perfect shading solution for large windows and doors
  • Incredible versatility of styles, fabrics and colours that will emphasize your refined taste. Helping you create a beautiful and ergonomic design

Panel blinds extremely diverse in application. They can be mounted onto sliding doors which is very convenient since you will not need to open the blind prior to opening the door. Also, panel blinds are ideal for oversize façade windows.

Using one motorized blind instead of several smaller ones will save you time and efforts. Finally, panel blinds can be used as room dividers. Our specialists can install panel tracks on the ceiling so that you get a flexible room divider. Accommodates convenient division of available area. Sheer fabrics will allow to divide the area while still preserving the feeling of openness, whereas heavier types of fabric will offer more privacy and sense of isolation.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are truly multifunctional and If you want your rooms to have a contemporary and exquisite look. Then you should choose panel blinds. This simple addition to your living space or business area will create a comfortable atmosphere. Providing efficient shading solution that is hard to compare to anything else. Once you install panel blinds, you will realize how cumbersome and bulky your old-fashioned curtains were.

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Automation from Somfy for your Home and Business

Automation is rapidly changing the way we live and behave across so many different sectors of our lives.

It only seems appropriate that we welcome the time and energy savings of automation into our homes.

Read on to learn how you can implement Somfy automation into your home and business, and reap the benefits today!

Galaxy Blinds is a Appointed Blind Professional Expert in Somfy Automation for Over 20 years experience.

The Convenience of Somfy

Let’s face it, windows are a bit bland without curtains and blinds. Everyone can see in and even if you do have window furnishings. It can take a considerable amount of energy to raise and lower them. Each time you want privacy or to see the view.

If you have large rooms with big windows this time can quickly multiply and if you’re complacent, you’ll soon get used to keeping the blinds closed or open almost persistently. What a drag when it’s possible to automate blinds and curtains to go up or down at the touch of a button!


Remote-Controlled Shade

Remote-controlled window coverings have all the same benefits as traditional blinds and curtains, plus the added ease and convenience of being able to open or close them all instantaneously with the push of a button. It no longer takes a long time or substitutes for arm day at the gym. They are available for both homes and businesses.

Sensor-Controlled Shade

When you’re in the office, it can be tough to continuously adjust the blinds to stop the sunlight getting in your eyes. By adding sun, temperature or wind sensors to your blinds, they will automatically open, close or adjust to keep you comfortable all day long.

These sensors are the perfect solution to office woes where nobody knows quite who is responsible for these decisions either. Better yet, they will adjust with precision, creating unity throughout the building.

Automation Shade

Sometimes we wish that our blinds could do all the hard work for us. With Somfy, it’s absolutely possible. By setting a schedule on Somfy’s automation solution, Connexoon Window RTS, your blinds will open and close automatically without you having to lift a finger!

Enjoy being woken up peacefully by gentle sunlight in the morning, and arriving home to privacy after work. Your window coverings will do all the hard work for you!

Voice-Controlled Shade

For the complete smart-home experience, you can even operate your window coverings using voice control. Just got home and have your hands full of groceries? No problem! Ask your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to trigger a scenario you have pre-set in IFTTT, and watch your home spring into action. It’s that easy!

Custom Blinds

Custom Made Blinds – Buy My Blinds Online

Custom made blinds delivered to your door in 3 days! ANYWHERE in SA (Ordered before 09:00 am)

35mm aluminium | 50mm retro aluminium | American hardwood | Basswood | All roller filters | All roller screen | All roller blockout | All vision blinds | Double roller blinds
*Curtains & Outdoor Roller blinds might take longer

Custom Blinds


The #1 Online Blinds company where you can purchase Premium Blinds at the best prices! We do not just say that but believe that our premium products made by Blind Designs and amazing logistics delivered by Time Freight together with our hard-working team combined makes us an easy non-disappointing choice.

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BuyMyBlindsOnline is part of the GalaxyBlinds Group. GalaxyBlinds is a well known Premium Blind supplier in and around Gauteng– we are also an appointed Blind Professional – appointed by Blind Designs.

Why buy Online?

The Team at GalaxyBlinds realized that a more affordable and quicker way of dressing South Africa’s windows was needed. So…we introduce to you our very own BuyMyBlindsOnline shop. With a few clicks and secure online payment, we now will be covering the whole of South Africa, making sure that every blind we sell, will be the same quality as what you will receive from GalaxyBlinds direct. We do not believe in any cheap imports & We do not compromise on quality. Please view our current range, get an instant quote, add to the basket and expect your blinds at your doorstep in just a few days.


  • All our products are manufactured locally
  • 80% of all raw material waste is recycled
  • A Percentage of all profits generated will be distributed to community projects


  • We’re trusted and well known in the industry
  •  We’re an appointed BlindProfessional appointed by Blind Designs
  • Your blinds come directly from the factory
  • You are SAVING BIG!!!
  • Instant prices
  • Easy few steps to order your custom made blinds

Custom Blinds

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Understanding Roller Blockout Mendoza Better with Galaxy Blinds

Roller Blockout Mendoza

With a whisper of light and colour, The screen material – family of the ever popular Sheerweave material. Roller Blockout Mendoza The perfect complement to any interior decor. The simple yet beautiful weaves of this fabric add a rich subtle texture. Without taking away from the averall interior design scheme. the sun’s heat and glare can be elegantly managed and accomplished with the Screens interiors sun control fabrics.

The light filtering qualities diffuse light, reduce glare and help control solar heat build up to make any room a more comfortable environment. While lighter coloured fabrics reflect light and illuminate the interior with just the right amount of light, darker fabrics provide a superb view of the outside and absorbs light making them ideal for viewing computer and television screens.

Below is a deeper insight about the amazing features of roller blinds and the multiple benefits that they offer.

How does the blockout roller blind work?

Roller Blockout Mendoza get their name from the fact that they can “block out” the natural light from the external environment. The blockout blinds use an interesting fusing process which involves the application of the blind fabric to the lining of the roller blinds. While the lining holds the structure and stitching of the roller blinds, the blind fabric looks unaffected when hung. The blind fabric is stitched in such a way that the tapes are applied over all the stitch lines and it is made sure that no holes are visible.

What are the best benefits of blockout roller blinds?

Roller Blockout Mendoz galaxyblinds blog

1. Enhanced privacy

Roller Blockout Mendoza are the favourite choice when it comes to the bedroom. They offer optimal privacy and cut out the early morning sunlight that often disturbs the slumber of the inmates. They give a cosy feeling to the room and offer a sense of security. Roller Blockout Mendoza can also be used in drawing rooms to keep away from nosy neighbours. Their sleek design and apt function make them a very good choice for closets and bathrooms too. Many parents also opt for blockout roller blinds for kid’s room too.

2. Lowered glare

Do you have an open working space with multiple computer screens? Cutting out the glare from the office room, conference room. Sometimes even the drawing room (glare on the TV) by using your favourite choice of blockout roller blinds.

3. Reduced energy costs

Saving energy while handling the notorious weather of Australia can be a tough task. The thick fabric of the roller blind traps the heat within the room thus keeping it warm even when the temperature outside is cold. Also, the fabric reflects the heat during summer and thus maintains an      optimal temperature within the home environment. Therefore the additional cost spent on heating or cooling the room is now saved. Apart from reducing the energy bills the roller blinds also help to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.


Who needs the blockout roller blinds the most?

  • – People suffering from insomnia and those who sleep during the odd hours of the day. Enjoying maximum benefits from the use of Roller Blockout Mendoza. Research from the past has shown that cutting out all light sources. While asleep can help the body and brain to relax better.
  • – Parents must also consider roller blinds for the baby rooms as the blockout feature can help the little one to sleep longer and more peacefully.
  • – People who love privacy and suffer from the problem of noisy and inquisitive neighbours can enjoy better with these roller blinds.
  • – Shift workers also enjoy better sleep with blockout roller blinds.
  • – Homes with cinema rooms need blockout roller blinds. People using the cinema room can block out the slightest ray of light and enjoy the full effect of the movie.
  • – People living in cities and also important roads may have the effect of bright light flashing through their room all through the night. In such cases, blockout roller blinds are very useful.

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Buying Blinds Online – 3 Things You Need To Know About Window Blinds

Buying Blinds Online

Blinds are coverings for windows that differ from shades and curtains through their multi-layered structure.

It is a very common sight to cover one’s windows, and it is mainly done for two common reasons – to ensure one’s privacy, and to control the intensity of natural elements entering through the window.

Ideally, window blinds are made to measure; however, the standardisations of certain window sizes have made blind manufacturers produce standard sized blinds that can be adjusted to a degree.

Buying Blinds are easily available in any home needs store, and also can be ordered online. Buying blinds online has become very commonplace today, considering the conveniences of online shopping. Buy My Blinds is a division of Galaxyblinds. View our online shop to buy the highest of quality products and delivered to your door in 3 days anywhere in SA.



Made up of long horizontal or vertical columns known as slats. Depending on the positioning of these slats, window blinds vary.


  • Roller blinds – These consists of a single piece of jointed slats, that can be rolled up and down
  • Roman blinds – They are roller blinds with multiple segmentation, it can be crimped to the desired level.
  • Vertical blinds – In the most popular blinds of the 90’s. The slats are wider and placed vertically, and are connected to tracks that lie above and below the blinds. This type enables adjustment of the width of the blinds to suit the windows.

What are blinds made up of?

Window blinds are made up of a variety of materials, depending on their pricing. Aluminium, polyester or PVC is the material of choice in cheaper blinds, as they have a good durability. Plastic, fibre, wood, pinoleum, fabric, etc. are also used to make blinds. Weather proofing is a feature that is seen in costlier blinds, where constant exposure to the natural elements does not affect the wear and tear of the blinds.

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blinds help

Blinds Help – What To Avoid When Fitting Roman Blinds In Your Home

Most people falsely assume that no one pays attention to blinds and shades. The truth they can do much to your overall home design. Rather than adding comeliness to your space. They can also provide various benefits like privacy, keeping out sunlight, cutting energy costs etc. This is why the demand for window coverings, especially roman blinds has greatly increased over the last few years. As Roman blinds enhance the general look of your house remarkably, so they are often used as a means to polish up the interior decoration.

  • Not choosing appropriate colours

blinds help

Blinds Help – When you are selecting the suitable colour for your roman blinds, make sure that it blends in well with the surrounding décor. Roman blinds come in a wide range of colours so it wouldn’t be too hard to analyse different shades and pick the right one for you.

  • Failing to properly measure the size of the windows


When purchasing blinds online, some customers fail to order the right measurements. Taking correct measurements is one of the crucial steps that need to be done very carefully, or else the newly delivered blinds won’t suit your windows. Blinds Help –  As a result, it would become tough to use them effectively and sometimes the entire appearance of your home would be affected.

  • Avoid buying the cheapest product

It is natural to look for low priced blinds to keep your budget limited. But at the same time, it is not advisable to neglect other significant features like colour, measurements, material type etc. during the process. Blinds Help – Though the price is one of the most essential considerations, keep in mind that the cheapest items may not have adequate durability and productivity.

  • Installing blinds without the assistance of a professional

blinds help

It is highly recommended not to undertake the installation of roman blinds as a DIY project. But if you think that you can handle the situation. Avoid making any blunders that could affect the effect and performance of the blinds. Before the installation, do not fail to keep all the required supplies and components with you. That the blinds can be fitted properly. Also, read the instructions manual thoroughly before starting with the procedure. Get suggestions from experts if you are not clear about anything, rather than taking any avoidable risks.

  • Choosing blinds that are difficult to clean

Selecting the blinds while checking whether they can be cleaned easily. Or else, then they would stay dirty and look unpleasant unless you could take up the laborious cleaning tasks often. Hence, read the outlined cleaning instructions and make sure that they are simple and quick.


Kitchen Blinds on a budget

From the layout of your home to the window location, there are different factors to consider while choosing the right window shading solution for the kitchen. From the layout of your home to the window location, there are different factors to consider while choosing the right window shading solution for the kitchen blinds.

Home Layout and Style

While choosing a window treatment for the kitchen, the first thing to consider is the layout and style of the kitchen. If you have an open floor plan, make sure to note how the kitchen blinds will work with the other window coverings in the same open space. You must also ensure whether the window Venetian blinds you choose goes well with your kitchen interiors.

Window Location

The location of your kitchen window is the second most crucial factor to consider. If your kitchen window is located over the sink, install water-resistant Venetian blinds, and if it is located over the stove, choose Venetian blinds online that are long-lasting and durable.

Cleaning and Maintenance

We all know that the kitchen is the over-utilized part of our home and can get messy quickly. So, while choosing Venetian blinds for your kitchen, consider the level of maintenance and choose one that withstands the high heat and other kitchen conditions.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian blinds are an excellent choice for kitchen and suits well for other rooms too. This versatile nature makes them a popular choice for a home with open floor plans. These blinds are durable, long-lasting, water-resistant, and heat resistant. So, even with a prolonged usage, the slats will not warp, twist, dent, scratch, or fade. Timber Venetian blinds have a PVC coating that makes them easy to maintain. This makes them the top blinds choice for the kitchen, where the blinds can get dirty quickly. Use a damp cloth to wipe out the dust and stains out of the blinds.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

If you are a budget-conscious homeowner with a budget-friendly kitchen blind solution, Aluminium blinds are the top choice among customers. The sleek slimline design with flexible light and privacy control makes it the most suitable option for modern kitchen designs. Aluminium Venetian blinds can be installed in windows. That are located above the sink as they are water-resistant and do not peel, fade or warp. They come in a different range of colours and come with two slats width. Moreover, they are simple to clean. All you need is a damp sponge to make them easy to clean and long-lasting.


Office Blind, Finding the right one

Whether it be finding the right blinds for your home office or a commercial office

there are number of factors to consider. Before deciding on blinds for your office, consider how your new blinds will enhance the office environment.

office blind


consider how light in the office needs to be controlled. Whether it be for a home office or for a commercial office, controlling the amount of sunlight entering a space is essential. Another important factor to consider is the amount of glare. A big issue with office spaces can be the glare on computers screens or on televisions and projector screens in a boardroom.


consider how your office blinds are needed to regulate the temperature in the office. A lot of office spaces like to ensure there is plenty of natural sunlight entering the space however preventing that natural sunlight from heating up a room or making the air-conditioning and heating work harder then it needs to, to keep office temperatures regulated.

Lastly, consider the level of privacy required and how blinds could help to control the level of privacy when required. This is an important factor to consider for boardrooms, meeting rooms and even managerial offices. Whilst you might not need blinds that offer complete privacy for every window but consider how adding privacy blinds to some windows can help to control the level of privacy when required.

Frosting requirements are matched to exactly their needs no matter what size the project.

With South African sun being pretty strong, one will always have a problem when working on computers and controlling heat – with new Green Building laws apply, be assured that we have just the product for you.

We have a selection of window covering

to enhance the work or hospitality environment. Our products are designed to be durable, reliable and easy to use.

Our range of performance fabrics and materials are available to compliment the practical requirements of your commercial space.

Features of our commercial range are:
– Heat, glare and light management
– Energy saving – GREENGUARDED Sheerweave
– Wide fashionable colour ranges
– Range from budget to High Performance solutions
– Indoor air quality certifications
– Anti Bacterial certifications
– Flame retardant certifications
– Green and Eco friendly options
– Motorized solutions
– Wide widths fabrics and heavy duty systems cover openings in one span

Explore our variety of products on our Blinds Range page.

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Roman Blind Guide Design

Roman Blinds

are a popular addition to homes with a classic interior décor style or rooms in the home with a more formal style such as the dining room, living room or the bedroom. Below is a simple design guide covering everything you need to know when it comes to Roman Blinds. Use the below guide to help you determine which type of Roman Blind is best for you and your home.


Roman Blind Benefits and Features

– Excellent insulating blind helping you to save on your energy bills

– Choice of light filter or blockout lining to help control your light and privacy needs

– Lining helps to protect your chosen decorative fabric

– Range of fabric including cotton, linen, silk, rayon, polyester and various blends

– Removable fabric making for easy cleaning and maintenance

Roman Blind Models

Roman Blinds are a great addition to a classic style home with the option of chain or cordless operation. With two control options to choose from, there is a style to suit any home.


Controlled Chain Roman Blinds are an easy to use blind that is simply operated by moving the chain, drawing the fabric up or down, stopping the blind in any desired position. Chain operated Roman Blinds come with colour co-ordinated chains or upgrade to a stainless steel chain for a more luxurious look. All chain operated Roman Blinds come with child safety features including a chain guide. These features help to ensure the safety of young family members and pets.


Cordless Roman Blinds are a great child safe window covering option for those families with children and pets. With a small handle attached to the back of the Roman Blind fabric, you can easily manoeuvre the blind to stop in any position. The handle is attached seamlessly to the back of the blind, blending in with your chosen lining fabric.


Roman Blinds Fabrics

Roman Blinds come in an array of different fabric types such as cotton, linen, silk, rayon, polyester and a range of different blends. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve with your Roman Blinds, select a light filter fabric or a blockout fabric and simply add a lining.

Light Filter

Roman Blinds light filter fabric is the perfect solution for those who are looking to cover their window whilst allowing light to filter through and offering privacy .You can select with light filter fabric, either a light filter lining or a blockout lining. By selecting a light filter lining you can ensure your privacy whilst filtering natural sunlight. By selecting a blockout lining to go with your light filter fabric, you can transform your chosen fabric into a blockout blind, completely protecting your privacy and blocking out natural sunlight and streetlights.


Blockout Roman Blinds are a great solution for those rooms in the home where you want to ensure your privacy is protected and sunlight or streetlights can be blocked out. This is great for rooms such as the bedroom or living room and media room. All blockout fabrics come standard with a blockout lining. This lining not only adds an extra layer of protection for your light and privacy control but also adds an extra layer of insulation protection and a great way to protect your decorative fabric.

What you need to know

Due to the nature of how each Roman Blind fabric is made, it is suggested you order blinds in the same room at the one time to ensure they are made with the same batch of fabric, to help with consistency.

Some Roman Blind fabrics are restricted by the maximum width that they are manufactured. Depending on the size of your blind, some will be supplied in railroad format. This means that the fabric is turned on it’s side to prevent joins in the fabric.

Cleaning Roman Blinds

When it comes to cleaning. It is essential to understand the make up of your chosen decorative fabric. Incorrect cleaning could lead to damaged fabric. For specific fabric cleaning instructions, contact your supplier. For general cleaning and maintenance, follow the below tips to help prolong the life.

– Roman Blind fabric is attached to the headrail using velcro making it easy to remove the fabric for cleaning.

– For regular maintenance, use a feather duster to brush over the fabric and components.

– Deeper clean, use the soft brush head on the vacuum to remove dust. For any tough stains, use a damp sponge with warm water and a gentle dishwashing detergent. Ensure you are not using harsh chemicals that contain bleach to prevent damaging the fabric.

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