Buying New Blinds With Galaxy Blinds

Window Size

The window (or windows) that you decide to cover are top of the list when it comes to consideration factors. Different windows need a different approach. Sliding doors work best with coverings that can be easily pushed aside (like curtains or vertical blinds). Shaped windows usually works best with shutters or curtains, as they can be custom cut.


Next on the list is style. The style of window covering that you choose has the ability to completely change the look and feel of the room. For example the blinds and shutters are quite casual compared to a set of curtains. Which have more of a traditional look.


We all want to protect ourselves and our families from prying eyes. It should come as no surprise that privacy is one the key motivating factors for buying new blinds. For maximum privacy, opt for block-out fabrics and blinds that will cover your entire window, like verticals or venetian.

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Light Control

When it comes to controlling the light in your home. Some window treatments offer more control than others. If you want to avoid daytime glare, you can’t go wrong with vertical blinds. Sheer curtains and roller blinds, as each of these styles allow you to easily adjust the levels of light with buying blinds.

Sound Control

If your neighbours tend to get a little rowdy or you’re simply a light sleeper, the right fabric may be able to provide you with some relief! Block-out fabrics are a great choice, as they help to muffle disruptive sounds from the outside world.

Temperature Control

The climate can be pretty extreme here in South Africa, so it’s worth keeping in mind that the right fabric and style of buying blinds can make a difference to the temperature in your home. All window treatments provide some insulation, as the coverings slow the passing of hot and cold air through the glass window.

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