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Best Blinds for Blocking Out Noise

Best Blinds – for Blocking Out Noise. We live in a world full of sound (How to Choose the Best Blinds for Blocking Out Noise). Much of it is wonderful, the sounds of birds singing, rain on the rooftops, or children playing happily in the street. Some sound can quickly become a nuisance however when […]

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Home Interior – Blinds And Curtains – Whats the best choice?

Home Interior Advice We’ve come across the question Blinds or Curtains quite a lot over the years. The quickest answer to this question is another question… “What do you need from your window coverings?” Another set of questions you could ask yourself are: Do you need privacy from neighbours or a busy street? Will you […]

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Cleaning blinds guide for shutters and blinds

Cleaning blinds can be a pain. Particularly if you live in an area that is prone to gusty winds, rain and other climatic events. However, if you endeavour to clean your shutters consistently, you’ll find that it’s actually an easy task that adds a nice little improvement to the look of your home. While internal […]

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Blinds fabric explained: How to choose the right blinds fabric

If you’ve ever wondered what the differences are between sunscreen blinds and translucent blinds, you’re certainly not alone! The terminology used for different blinds fabrics can be pretty confusing, especially if you’re buying blinds for the first time. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to break down some of the most popular fabrics in […]


Galaxy Blinds educating you on genuine Sheerweave materials

Galaxy Blinds will educate you on the importance of genuine Sheerweave materials Here are a few very important factors that set genuine Sheerweave blinds materials apart from the copycats on the market: 10-year warranty Lead-free Sheerweace is GREENGUARDED Made with DOW ECOlibrium plasticizers All Sheerweace materials are MICROBAN protected Sheerweave materials prevent sun damage to […]


Selecting The Right Blinds For Your Home & Handy Tips

The Right Blinds Blinds have become exceedingly popular over the last few years, with homeowners opting for easy solutions for their privacy and we understand why. Choose the Right Blinds with stylish designs available to suit any type of room, they’re Interior low maintenance and the long-term savings they bring have proven a worthwhile investment. […]


Installing Window Blinds, These are the benefits

Installing window blinds, Galaxyblinds is here to teach you about the benefits of what our quality blinds can offer your home 1. Prevent the Daylight from Entering the Room: The daylight which enters our room from outside sometimes can make interference to our privacy. But If there are window blinds placed on windows. You can […]


Designer Roller Kiddies Blockout

Custom made blinds delivered to your door in 3 days! ANYWHERE in SA (Ordered before 09:00 am) The #1 Online Blinds company where you can purchase Premium Blinds at the best prices! We do not just say that but believe that with our premium products made by Blind Designs and amazing logistics delivered by Time […]


Sheerweave Education

Here we will educate you on the importance of genuine Sheerweave materials. Here are a few very important factors that sets genuine Sheerweave materials apart from the copycats on the market: 10 year warranty Lead free Sheerweace is GREENGUARDED Made with DOW ECOlibrium plasticizers All Sheerweace materials are MICROBAN protected Sheerweave materials prevents sun damage […]

decorating Nursery Windows

Decorating Nursery Windows, Do’s and Dont’s

Decorating a nursery is an incredibly pleasant task, but you need to keep in mind that beauty and safety should come hand in hand for this particular room. Our tips should help you choose the best type of window covers for your little one. What you should do when decorating nursery windows: Do keep in […]


Best Blinds Options for Rental Properties

Blinds and window coverings are used every day and yet many investors find them one of the most regrettable expenses, What are the best blinds? What are investors looking for in a window covering? Value for money Low maintenance Safe A timeless look Value for money Our first instinct it to buy the cheapest when […]


Sliding Panel Blinds , demanded and popular

Panel blinds are the newest and one of the most demanded and popular blinds in SA. They consist of several fabric panels which are fitted into a special track system. The panels stack behind each other when the blind is retracted and glide to form a continuous covering when the blind is extended. Panel blinds […]


Automation from Somfy for your Home and Business

Automation is rapidly changing the way we live and behave across so many different sectors of our lives. It only seems appropriate that we welcome the time and energy savings of automation into our homes. Read on to learn how you can implement Somfy automation into your home and business, and reap the benefits today! […]

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Custom Made Blinds – Buy My Blinds Online

Custom made blinds delivered to your door in 3 days! ANYWHERE in SA (Ordered before 09:00 am) 35mm aluminium | 50mm retro aluminium | American hardwood | Basswood | All roller filters | All roller screen | All roller blockout | All vision blinds | Double roller blinds *Curtains & Outdoor Roller blinds might take […]


Understanding Roller Blockout Mendoza Better with Galaxy Blinds

Roller Blockout Mendoza With a whisper of light and colour, The screen material – family of the ever popular Sheerweave material. Roller Blockout Mendoza The perfect complement to any interior decor. The simple yet beautiful weaves of this fabric add a rich subtle texture. Without taking away from the averall interior design scheme. the sun’s […]


Buying Blinds Online – 3 Things You Need To Know About Window Blinds

Buying Blinds Online Blinds are coverings for windows that differ from shades and curtains through their multi-layered structure. It is a very common sight to cover one’s windows, and it is mainly done for two common reasons – to ensure one’s privacy, and to control the intensity of natural elements entering through the window. Ideally, […]

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Blinds Help – What To Avoid When Fitting Roman Blinds In Your Home

Most people falsely assume that no one pays attention to blinds and shades. The truth they can do much to your overall home design. Rather than adding comeliness to your space. They can also provide various benefits like privacy, keeping out sunlight, cutting energy costs etc. This is why the demand for window coverings, especially […]


Kitchen Blinds on a budget

From the layout of your home to the window location, there are different factors to consider while choosing the right window shading solution for the kitchen. From the layout of your home to the window location, there are different factors to consider while choosing the right window shading solution for the kitchen blinds. Home Layout […]


Office Blind, Finding the right one

Whether it be finding the right blinds for your home office or a commercial office there are number of factors to consider. Before deciding on blinds for your office, consider how your new blinds will enhance the office environment. Firstly consider how light in the office needs to be controlled. Whether it be for a […]


Roman Blind Guide Design

Roman Blinds are a popular addition to homes with a classic interior décor style or rooms in the home with a more formal style such as the dining room, living room or the bedroom. Below is a simple design guide covering everything you need to know when it comes to Roman Blinds. Use the below […]


Bathroom Blinds, which is the best blinds options?

Bathroom Blinds We all love time in the bathroom; it’s our time. It’s sacred. But on a practical side, we all know that we need a little privacy in the bathroom. Yes, a lock on the door will keep your family members out, but what about the outside world, The best way to prevent yourself […]

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Roller Blinds 6 major benefits of adding to your home

Roller Blinds – You might have just moved home or maybe you’re deciding to spruce up your indoor area when entertaining guests. If this is you, roller blinds could be just the thing you need to add a bit of class and modernity to your home. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why […]


Buying New Blinds With Galaxy Blinds

Window Size The window (or windows) that you decide to cover are top of the list when it comes to consideration factors. Different windows need a different approach. Sliding doors work best with coverings that can be easily pushed aside (like curtains or vertical blinds). Shaped windows usually works best with shutters or curtains, as […]

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interior blinds, 5 good reasons to motorise them

Interior Blinds Control your blinds using a remote control or smartphone. No more cables or strings to get tangled up! With just one click you can open or close your blinds with perfect positioning and alignment. Somfy motors are also ideal for large windows, high-up or hard to reach shades. Galaxy Blinds Is An Appointed […]

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Bedroom Window Treatment, Perfect For You

Bedroom Window Treatment Whether you’re five years old or 50, your Bedroom Window Treatment is your haven – your quiet and private area that is reserved for only you to enjoy. Whether the bedroom in question is reserved solely for sleeping or is used for studying and playing too. It is essential to get the […]

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds – Controlling Light

One of the most significant benefits of designing with blinds. Incomparable ability to control the level of light you allow into a room with venetian blinds. Windows are meant to illuminate a space, to keep it from feeling boxed in and ultimately to bring a bit of the outside in. But, when too much sun […]

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds, What are the Uses?

Outdoor Blinds Whether you own a restaurant, a café, an office or some kind of business, adding commercial outdoor blinds to your workspace will not only enhance functional value but also improve the work environment. If you aren’t convinced yet, read on. Uses of Commercial Outdoor Blinds Listed below are a few places where they […]


Top Window Treatments of 2019

Roman Blinds It’s hard to think of a time when Roman shades won’t be in style. Time and time again they make a name for themselves. Being one of the most classic and stylish window treatments you can install in your home. Whether you’re looking for a solid fabric or a patterned statement piece, you […]

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Custom Made Blinds

Custom made blinds delivered to your door in 3 days! ANYWHERE in SA (Ordered before 09:00 am) 35mm aluminium | 50mm retro aluminium | American hardwood | Basswood | All roller filters | All roller screen | All roller blockout | All vision blinds | Double roller blinds *Curtains & Outdoor Roller blinds might take […]

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Contemporary shading with Vision Blinds

Contemporary Shading The Vision Blind offers an ideal balance between privacy and light control in a fashionable manner.  Contemporary shading features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric. A single control allows the front layer to move independently of the back so that the stripes glide between each other creating an open and […]


Outdoor Lifestyle – Transform your outdoor space

Outdoor Blinds South Africa offers a great outdoor lifestyle. Outdoor blinds can improve the look of your outdoor space, provide some privacy and keep out the elements creating an all year round comfortable outdoor entertaining area for your home. Protection from the weather South Africa may offer a great outdoor lifestyle, but with sunny skies and […]


Guest ready spaces

Guest ready spaces It’s that time of the year, when family and friends come over and you need to be a wonderful host. Does your home easily accommodate guests? Here are 5 tips for getting your space cozy for visitors. 1. Liven up the entrance for your guest: Start with making a grand entry. Giving your […]


Improving Your Home with Somfy

Somfy The Entertainer When entertaining guests in your home, you want to make sure each room has that ‘wow’ factor. Whether hosting guests for a dinner or having friends over for a movie night, it’s easy to set the perfect scene with Somfy. Read on as we take a look at the simple ways you […]


The perfect blinds for your view.

Sheerweave Blinds. So, imagine this… You’ve just moved into a home with a beautiful view over-looking the ocean or maybe you’ve just done some landscaping around your garden. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate to sit indoors and miss out on that view? What if you sat indoors with the blinds all open so that you could […]

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Which types of blinds are in style for 2019?

Which types of blinds are in style for 2019? There are such a wide variety of blind styles it can be hard to know what to choose when you feel like sprucing up your interiors. To make things that little bit easier for you, we’ve put our thinking caps on and created a quick and […]


How to style clashing patterns

Clashing Patterns The word ‘clash’ might make you think that different patterns should never be mixed. Decades ago. The idea of clashing patterns was superseded by minimalism, both in fashion and interior design. But in the last few years, with the development of the maximalist philosophy. This way of doing things is coming back into […]

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Shutters – a worthy buy or just another trend?

Shutters Blinds – Let us introduce you to the world of shutters and explain some of the confusing terms you might come across. Trendy or not? The latest revolution in shutters started back in 2015 and the trend is continuing right into 2019. People are continuing to buy shutters in ever increasing numbers for every […]


Using Blinds in a Nature Inspired Design

Nature Inspired Design Once reserved for industrial spaces and high rise offices. Blinds may not be the first choice that comes to mind when considering window coverings for a design inspired by natural colours and textures. Today’s modern blinds, however can not only work well within a natural scheme they can actually enhance an organic […]

winter window trends

3 Winter Window Dressing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss This Year

Winter Window Dressing Trends With cold months drawing nearer, window dressing plays a significant role in our interior. You might already know, blinds and curtains are great for helping to reduce heat loss hence keep your home warm and cosy. But for many of us, making a home looking trendy is just as important. These […]

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How to Choose Safe Window Treatments for Your Nursery

The window treatment professionals at Galaxy Blinds have some tips to help you out. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right window treatments when you have young children in your house. 1. Save the Floor-Length Draperies for Later in Your Child’s Life You made the right decision. Climbing up on […]


How to Clean Your New Blinds

After you buy blinds for your home, you need to know how to take care of them. Probably the most important aspect of proper care for your blinds is keeping them clean. When you clean them regularly, they keep allergens like dust and pet dander out of your home’s air. Too, like anything else, regular […]

aluminium blinds

The Undeniable Benefits of Installing Aluminium Blinds

Whether you’re renovating your property or upgrading a new home, finding the right type of blinds for your lifestyle is essential. Available in an array of colours and tones, aluminium blinds also convey lots of other benefits. From energy savings to extra privacy, there are plenty of reasons to choose them. Their reflective nature means […]

Home Blinds

How to Choose Blinds for Your Home

You know you need blinds to turn down the sun’s brightness certain times during the day. But how do you choose? Here are some tips to guide you through the process: How Much Light Do You Want to Let In? Shades and window blinds come in a variety of options when it comes to light […]

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