Installing Window Blinds, These are the benefits

Installing window blinds, Galaxyblinds is here to teach you about the benefits of what our quality blinds can offer your home

1. Prevent the Daylight from Entering the Room:

The daylight which enters our room from outside sometimes can make interference to our privacy. But If there are window blinds placed on windows. You can control the daylight to enter your room you can manage the light as well by closing the curtain according to your necessity.


2. Myriad of Styles, Shades, & Designs:

One of the most credible benefits of installing window blinds is that you get them in different types of attractive patterns, styles and a vast range of shades which enhance the appearance of your room completely.

3. Broad Range of Materials:

The broad range of materials will help you to choose the blinds according to your requirements and proper to your window as well. If your living room has wood furniture, you can go for wooden blinds. You will also get bamboo blinds, plastic blinds, aluminium blinds, and different materials to select from to assure. You can invariably get the best blinds for each room in your house. Or you can go for the best blind suppliers as well.


4. Experience Absolute Secrecy:

By installing window blinds you will experience total concealment. If you love watching movies or playing games or having food in your room or you like spending time with your loved ones. Windows blinds will give you complete protection from daylight neither anyone will able to look inside your room.

5. Easy to Maintain:

This one of the good qualities of window blinds that it is really easy to maintain. You don’t have to remove the dust from them like other blinds but just need to wash it once and it will get into the same new look again. There are long-lasting as well.

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Designer Roller Kiddies Blockout

Custom made blinds delivered to your door in 3 days! ANYWHERE in SA (Ordered before 09:00 am)

The #1 Online Blinds company where you can purchase Premium Blinds at the best prices! We do not just say that but believe that with our premium products made by Blind Designs and amazing logistics delivered by Time Freight together with our hard-working team combined makes us an easy non-disappointing choice.


The Designer Roller blind is simple, stylish and easy to operate. The blind can be rolled up or down to achieve the required level of hading.

Our designer roller blind collection is an exciting mix of fabrics specially selected to complement and coordinate with any room in the home.

Night Night Glow

We have developed a range of cool and colourful children’s prints inspired by popular themes and incorporating on-trend colours. Ideal for nurseries, children’s bedrooms and playrooms, they’re designed to appeal to your little ones and make you smile too!

Scandinavian motifs and patterns are key with this collection, with ‘roarsome’ dinosaurs, modern mountain ranges and magical creatures making an appearance, Jurassic and Wonderland have been designed to ignite the imagination of your little adventurers!

Wonderland Pastel

Meanwhile, Night Night is our neutral and stylish star design with a little surprise up its sleeve… it glows in the dark! Perfect for helping to make bedtime a little more enticing.

All of our children’s designs are of course blackout fabrics. For those who prefer a plain colour at the window, we have an extensive range of colours.

The Designer Kiddies Blockout material blocks light completely making sure no light enters the room for any disturbance.

We have added a full cassette to compliment all designer roller blinds, a bonus and a very easy way to install.

Perfect for kiddies rooms.

Wonderland Pastel

Designer Roller Blind

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Sheerweave Education

Here we will educate you on the importance of genuine Sheerweave materials.

Here are a few very important factors that sets genuine Sheerweave materials apart from the copycats on the market:

  • 10 year warranty
  • Lead free
  • Sheerweace is GREENGUARDED
  • Made with DOW ECOlibrium plasticizers
  • All Sheerweace materials are MICROBAN protected
  • Sheerweave materials prevents sun damage to skin and eyes
  • Its energy saving
  • Sheerweave reduces noise
  • Its printable

Look out for these important factors when looking for Screen blinds – ALWAYS #AskForSheerweave


SheerWeave® interior sun control fabrics provide the perfect balance of light, comfort and beauty, making them the ideal window covering solution for residential and commercial spaces alike. A sleek and functional alternative to ordinary window coverings, SheerWeave effortlessly and elegantly manages the sun’s harsh heat and blinding glare.


SheerWeave lters and diffuses light while reducing glare and solar heat gain, conserving energy and helping to create a more comfortable environment. SheerWeave also helps reduce the fading of interior furnishings and ooring by protecting these surfaces from the sun’s harmful effects. And unlike many window treatments, SheerWeave allows excellent outward visibility – even when blinds are lowered – to maintain optimal views.


From modern, neutral hues to subtly-textured, organic weaves in warm earth tones, these fabrics are the perfect complement to any interior design scheme.

SheerWeave fabrics are also available in a variety of openness factors ranging from one to ve percent and wide widths to cover large window openings. Simple, clean and classic, SheerWeave can be fabricated into many different types of window treatments, and the aesthetic quality of these fabrics allows them to easily pair with other draperies and window coverings.


Below are a few principles to consider when choosing the optimal fabric for your next window covering project: SheerWeave fabrics reduce glare by 70%-100% based on colour and openness factor, which are the most important features to consider for energy savings and light management.


SheerWeave colour options range from creamy White and Bone to darker Charcoal and Chestnut tones. These colour designations go beyond aesthetics and colour coordination with interior décor. Lighter colour fabrics provide optimum heat reduction, re ect light and illuminate the interior. Darker fabrics provide a view to the outside and reduce glare, making them ideal for viewing computer and television screens.


The openness of a fabric refers to the weave or mesh structure and determines the amount of heat and light that enters a room. Generally, a more open fabric allows more heat and light to penetrate into the room, while tighter meshes block more heat and light.

Additionally, more open fabrics help maintain better outward visibility. Offered in a variety of openness factors to allow optimal light in commercial buildings or provide more privacy in settings such as healthcare facilities


Educating you on, Phifer Sheerweave

the company responsible for this amazing product. (CLICK HERE)

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decorating Nursery Windows

Decorating Nursery Windows, Do’s and Dont’s

Decorating a nursery is an incredibly pleasant task, but you need to keep in mind that beauty and safety should come hand in hand for this particular room. Our tips should help you choose the best type of window covers for your little one.

What you should do when decorating nursery windows:

  • Do keep in mind that curtains reduce the width of the window.
 This ‘visual effect’ can be overlooked if the nursery is large, but smaller spaces will look cluttered with curtains.  Blinds will be the best choice in this case.
  • Do enhance the window design with a valance.
 A window valance or cornice box can dramatically change the look of the blinds. Installing this piece will allow you to make the interior design as a whole ‘warmer’ and more attractive, without the limitations posed by curtains.


  • Do install curtains/shades last.
With the décor completed, it will be easier for you to choose the type of window cover that matches your existing design best. You can use this time studying the dozens of options available so that you can be sure that you really pick the best one.
  • Do double-check whether the window treatments are installed correctly.
 Check everything and test every joint, string, and bolt. Pull on the curtains a little harder than necessary as kids do this quite often and you need to be sure that the hangers are secured properly.

decorating Nursery Windows

What you shouldn’t do when decorating nursery windows:

  • Don’t use tension rods.
 Children are prone to pulling on everything within their sight, and over-pulling a spring-loaded tension rod can give the little one a nasty bump on the head or worse.
  • Don’t install floor-length curtains.
 They pose a health hazard for a child and can often serve as a hanky for the youngest ones. The rule of thumb for nursery window treatments is to ensure that the curtains/blinds and any of their elements remain safely out of a toddler’s reach.
  • Don’t go too light on the blinds.
 It’s imperative to keep the nursery pleasantly cool during the day, especially for afternoon naps. Achieved by installing the right kind of blinds, for example blockout Roman or Venetian options.
  • Don’t forget to install breakaway cords.
 If you choose blinds for your nursery, replace regular cords with a special breakaway variety. This is essential for childproofing the room as cords are the most dangerous part of this system for a toddler. If pulled, these cords break rather easily, so the risk to the little one is minimal. This issue is easy to repair, so your blinds can be up to maximum efficiency within hours.

decorating Nursery Windows

View Our Wide Range Of Blinds that will suite your nursery room.


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Best Blinds Options for Rental Properties

Blinds and window coverings are used every day and yet many investors find them one of the most regrettable expenses, What are the best blinds?

What are investors looking for in a window covering?

  • Value for money
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe
  • A timeless look

Value for money


Our first instinct it to buy the cheapest when it comes to blinds for rental properties.

Just something off the shelf at Bunnings or Spotlight. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit perfectly, “it’s only a rental!”

But buying off the shelf window treatments have a lot of components and brackets which can break in a short amount of time. Most get used every single day, and these “quick fixes” often don’t sell replacement components, so once its broken and cannot be used every day, the blind then needs to be replaced.

Remember if you buy quality in the first instance, you’ll get longevity and save money down the track!

Low maintenance

The lowest maintenance blinds for rental properties are:

Roller Blinds

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of colours that fit all interior looks
  • Components available for easy fix
  • Good insulation
  • Can span wide width
  • Affordable



Vertical blinds

  • Using a wand control eliminates the need for child safety cords and locks
  • Wide range of colours that fit all interior looks
  • Components available for easy fix
  • Blades can be replaced or updated if track is still working
  • Can span wide width
  • Affordable

For safety, remember that the biggest risk that blinds cause is a choking hazard to children and animals so;

– Make sure roller cords have safety locks installed so they cannot hook around a child’s neck

– Remove all chains from the bottom of vertical. Choose sewn in or slip in bottom weights for vertical blinds instead

– Choose blinds that can be operated by wands, or motorised for a more luxurious property (motorisation might achieve a higher rent for you too!).

Maintaining a timeless look

Most blinds are refreshed every 8 years, and often when a new coat of paint is applied. Apart from the walls in the house, the window treatments span the next biggest space and make the biggest impact to the look of the property, both inside and out, so;

– Colours that are neutral and timeless – greys, creams, off-whites

– Low maintenance fabrics/material that can easily be wiped down or cleaned to maintain their fresh look

– Correctly fitted blinds for the window with no gaps or overhanging

– The right design of blind for a high traffic window. For example, a sliding door

– Block-out blinds for sleeping areas

What do tenants want when it comes to window coverings?

We should probably note what tenants prefer! No surprises here, roman or roller blinds are the most preferred window coverings for tenants.

What are the main considerations for tenants?

  • Function – does it provide privacy in sleeping, dressing and bathing areas, block the sun, retain the warmth/cool within the house or all of the above?

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