interior blinds

interior blinds, 5 good reasons to motorise them

Interior Blinds

Control your blinds using a remote control or smartphone. No more cables or strings to get tangled up! With just one click you can open or close your blinds with perfect positioning and alignment. Somfy motors are also ideal for large windows, high-up or hard to reach shades.

Galaxy Blinds Is An Appointed BlindProfessional Expert in Somfy Automation Over 20 years experience.


Enjoy Moments Of Silence

Our new range of motorised systems provides you with unmatched acoustic performance when raising and lowering blinds. No noise will disturb you!

Reduce Energy Use

Combined with a sun sensor, your motorised interior blinds become smart and connected, allowing them to adjust automatically to outside conditions. As a result, they’ll help you control your energy spending much more effectively.

More Security

When you are not at home, automated interior blinds can make your house look occupied. Easy to programme on your remote, comfortable to control via your smartphone.

Create an interior that reflects your personality

Selecting a motorised system is like selecting a new lifestyle! Play with natural light, and create your own ambiances to achieve privacy, peace and tranquillity!

Simplify Your Life

Just one click is all it takes to open or close all your blinds. A considerable gain in time and comfort that you’ll be able to appreciate every day.

Protect Your Privacy

Open and close your interior blinds automatically when you switch the lights on or off. Somfy helps you protect your private life.

Create Your Own Ambiance

Choose your own ambiances and create customised scenarios to suit your lifestyle. Once programmed, a smartphone and Connexoon Window app is all you’ll need to play them!

Offering centralised control for increased comfort

A centralised system with remote control will allow you to fully enjoy your house or apartment. A remote control or simple smartphone is all you need to find peace and comfort with your interior blinds.

Interior Blinds Products that evolve

Our products adapt to your needs and budget! Our goal: to provide you with efficient custom solutions.

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bedroom window treatment

Bedroom Window Treatment, Perfect For You

Bedroom Window Treatment

Whether you’re five years old or 50, your Bedroom Window Treatment is your haven – your quiet and private area that is reserved for only you to enjoy.

Whether the bedroom in question is reserved solely for sleeping or is used for studying and playing too. It is essential to get the interior and finishing correct for the room to function to its full potential.

Depending on who the room is for the interior and window furnishings should match the needs and requirements of the room. Little details such as colour, material and style can go a long way to make huge differences to your home.

Children’s Rooms


Children’s Bedroom Window Treatment should be light, airy and welcoming. They should be a place a child can feel safe and where they can enjoy their freedom. Little more than in other rooms in the house. Where there may be items that children should not be left alone with.

When it comes to choosing the correct window treatments there are many factors to consider in order to get them right. Does your child take naps? Do they go to bed before it becomes dark? If you answer yes to either of those questions it is best to choose Block out Blinds or Curtains. These Blinds and Curtains are created to block out all light and keep even a sun facing room dark and cool when necessary making nap times and bed times easier to establish.

One of the many advantages of choosing block out blinds or curtains. That whilst having the ability to provide darkness when it is light. They can be opened and tucked away into a very small space and will provide a seamless connection with the great outdoors.

Installing anything in your child’s bedroom, safety is the number one priority.


Teenagers’ Rooms

bedroom window treatment

Sometimes it may seem our teenagers enjoy being locked away for the evening. Every evening with the curtains closed, headphones in and laptop on ignoring their surroundings. However, most sulking is just a phase and your child is likely to take pride in their room again soon.

Giving your son or daughter’s bedroom a makeover could in fact encourage your child to keep it cleaner. Being more sociable and invite more friends to the house. It may even help them to snap out of the permanent bad mood that appears at 13 and lasts for two years.

Try to avoid Block Out fabrics – teenagers do not need any more encouragement to sit in the dark straining their eyes over computer and television screens. Choose a sheer or thin fabric in order to keep the room light and airy whilst maintaining their privacy.

Your Room 

Your Bedroom Window Treatment is the most important room in the house; the luxurious sanctuary you may have been dreaming about your entire life. Collecting furniture, bedding and paintings throughout the years has meant you finally have the bedroom of your dreams and can go to bed in your perfect surroundings.

Whether it’s a walk in wardrobe, a 42” flat screen TV or an antique dressing table, you each have your own prized possession that has made the stamp on your room, however the key to a perfect bedroom is the ability to change the mood and atmosphere for its different needs.

Lighting and your choice of Blinds or Curtains are the perfect ingredients for introducing light control in the bedroom. Spot lights, or lights that can be dimmed. Candles are perfect for creating a mood whilst it is dark. A combination of Venetian Blinds and Sheer Curtains create the ability to manipulate light and therefore the overall atmosphere of the room; the curtains frame your view and add a touch of luxury to an otherwise simple interior. 

Guest Rooms

Guest bedrooms window treatment are the least trafficked rooms in our homes. When guests are frequent. However, that doesn’t mean the interior should be compromised on. It should be simple, fresh and not focus too much on a singular theme or style.

Sleeping in another person’s home for the first time can be a little uncomfortable. Sleeping in a bed guests are not familiar with, and with sounds and light that they aren’t used to. Can make for a restless night’s sleep – however guest rooms can also have to ability to feel like luxury hotels where you receive the unbeatable benefits of “knowing the owner”.

The trick to having the perfect guest room is simple. Provide the tools to let your guest make up their own minds. For example provide a fan and a heater, a pair of Curtains and of Blinds. Duvet and a thinner bed sheet and leave your guest to decide what they would prefer.

Roller Blinds combined with a pair of Curtains give your guests the choice. How much light they would like in the day. Well as the option of how dark they would like their room to be when they sleep – meaning they can sleep easy and you can be the hostess.

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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds – Controlling Light

One of the most significant benefits of designing with blinds.

Incomparable ability to control the level of light you allow into a room with venetian blinds. Windows are meant to illuminate a space, to keep it from feeling boxed in and ultimately to bring a bit of the outside in. But, when too much sun shines through you risk fading your furniture and of course the area can become much too hot.

When it comes to setting the levels of light exactly where you need them Venetian Blinds really fit the bill. Their simple operation allows you to enjoy multiple levels of light filtration.

Venetian Blinds

Venetians blinds a simple twist.

Wand or pull of a cord allows you to drastically change the look and feel of the room. You can even determine the angle of the light you’re letting into the space. They are also extremely easy to install, simply measure your window recess and hang them. Using the enclosed brackets and simple tools such as a drill, tape measure and screws.

When you want to let the full amount of light into the room. Venetian Blinds can virtually disappear when completely drawn.

Concerned about this style of blinds looking a bit industrial

keep in mind that today’s models are quite far removed from the standard. Slim venetian blinds found in office buildings and other industrial spaces. This is where it really pays to request samples. Ecowood and timber wood blinds work well within many natural, organic designs. Sometimes the samples of varying shades of Sequoia, Mocha and Maraschino Cherry need to be held against your furniture. Wall colour and floors before you make your final purchase.

For more information please feel free to contact our friendly experts.

We are available to help you select the perfect Retro Aluminium Blinds for any room in your home.

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