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How to Choose Safe Window Treatments for Your Nursery

window treatments

The window treatment professionals at Galaxy Blinds have some tips to help you out. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right window treatments when you have young children in your house.

1. Save the Floor-Length Draperies for Later in Your Child’s Life

You made the right decision. Climbing up on the curtains may seem like an adventure to him or her, but it’s one that could land him in the emergency department of your local hospital. Also, many floor length draperies have pull cords—a strangulation risk. Choose a safe window treatment and you’ll have one fewer thing to worry about.

2. Leave the Beads for Later

Children love to chew on brightly coloured, sparkling items. To them, these objects look like delicious candies, making them a choking hazard. Even though you love that beaded valance or trim you want to attach to the roller blinds in your child’s room, wait until your child is old enough to know not to put beads in her or his mouth.

3. Insist on Proper Installation

Unless you or your loved ones have extensive experience in installing window treatments, leave the installation to professionals. With professional window treatment installation, you’ll never have to worry about loose hardware causing a blind casing to fall.

4. Install Child-Safe, Blockout Blinds

Blinds are a great choice for a small child’s room. You can wipe them clean easily, they don’t extend to the floor, and you can dress them up with fabric to match your nursery décor. Even better, you can purchase wand-operated or motorised blinds that take the cord out of the picture. Since excessive heat raises the danger of SIDS in young children, choose blockout blinds that can keep the sun’s heat away from your child’s room.

5. Keep Your Child’s Crib or Bed Away from the Window

Again, children have no fear of climbing. Even if you choose motorised or wand-operated blinds, the extra height of the crib or the bed can give them a platform on which they can launch their climb. When you place your child’s bed or crib away from the window, you eliminate the climbing risk. When your child is old enough to know not to climb on the window treatments, then you can move the bed closer to the window.

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How to Clean Your New Blinds

clean blinds

After you buy blinds for your home, you need to know how to take care of them. Probably the most important aspect of proper care for your blinds is keeping them clean. When you clean them regularly, they keep allergens like dust and pet dander out of your home’s air. Too, like anything else, regular cleaning keeps dust and other contaminants from turning into a layer of gritty dirt that can actually harm your blinds.

Here’s how to keep your blinds clean and your home as allergen-free as possible:

Dust Blinds Once Weekly

To keep your blinds clean, dust them regularly. If you clean them once a week, you’ll avoid any dust build-up that can occur if you let it go.

Dusting Fabric and Double Roller Blinds

Dust Roman and double roller blinds with your hand vacuum’s soft brush tool on a low suction setting. Or, if you don’t have a hand vacuum, you can fasten a similar tool to your floor vacuum. The key to success is to use a low suction setting so you won’t damage the fabric.

Dusting Retro Aluminium

Dust retro aluminium blinds with a dust cloth, dusting glove, or a special dust-attracting product like Swiffer or a similar product. Extend your blinds fully. Adjust them until they’re almost closed. Hold onto the bottom rail of the blind and then dust, slat by slat. Next, reverse the slats and repeat. That way, you will get all the dust.

Cleaning Stubborn Dirt and Grime from Your Blinds

If your blinds have too much dirt for mere dusting to clean, you’ll need to clean them with a gentle cleaning solution. Only use mild cleaners on your blinds. If you’re unsure, ask your Galaxy Blinds professional for his or her recommendation.

You can also create your own mild cleaning solution. A mixture of dish detergent—not dishwasher powder—and warm water can clean most types of fabric blinds.

Clean Blinds Gently

Whatever the material, treat them gently. Never scrub them. Just dab, using gentle pressure as you clean. After you finish cleaning them, rinse them, and then air dry them. With wooden or retro aluminium blinds, you may want to use a microfibre cloth dampened with water or your cleaning solution.

Special Care for Motorised Blinds

Since motorised blinds depend on electrical power, keep moisture out of electrical components like batteries or other parts.

With regular cleanings and proper care, your blinds can last for years to come.

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