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Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds provides a sophisticated look and also help to insulate rooms within the home. Wooden Blinds is a great way to bring the beauty of nature inside the smooth, natural, light-weight wood of basswood blinds. The Wooden Blind is very stylish and very classy, and will transform any room into a masterpiece. Have full control over your light filtration and privacy by tilting the blades in one easy gesture. A Blind loved by many, suitable for most areas in your home or office.

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Roller Blind design

The simple Roller Blind design, stylish and easy to operate. The high quality craftsmanship anti glare attributes found in all our materials makes it the ideal choice for window furnishings. All our Roller blind are manufactured from high quality components ensuring they are guaranteed to last. This is the Roller blinds to go for if you are after style & elegance. Depending on your material, Roller blinds help with providing natural heat insulation whilst reducing your energy consumption. When it comes to large windows, the Roller Blind is probably the best option when it comes to operation. With widths up to 3,6m – the Roller Blinds is a must have. All Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of materials and very popular in the automation operation.


Retro Aluminium Blinds

Retro Venetian blinds are very unique. We combine aluminium, textile & wood textures to make the perfect blinds to make a statement. The Retro Blind is a fun product where you play with your colours. You choose your aluminium and compliment it by choosing your wooden finish. Just like the 25/35mm Blind, the Retro Blind is a high quality, durable and functional blind. Have full control over your light filtration and privacy by tilting the blades in one easy gesture. A Blind loved by many, suitable for most areas in your home or office.

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Sheerweave Blinds

Sheerweave for your office window blinds, the Simple yet beautiful weaves of Sheerweave fabrics add a rich subtle texture without taking away the overall interior design scheme. The suns’ heat and glare can be elegantly managed and accomplished with Sheerweave interior sun control fabrics. The Sheerweave Blind is perfect for offices, boardrooms or longe rooms that require protection from the sun yet also benefit from natural light. The Sheerweave Blind has a 97% UV rating and will keep your room cool and look good in the process. This is also the only GreenGuarded material in South Africa. This is also the product we use for our Outdoor Roller Blinds – protecting your furniture against our harsh sun, whilst keeping your view to the outside.

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Sliding Panel Blinds

The Sliding Panel System is an elegant and bold shading solution for larger windows and patio doors and may be used as a room divider. The blind encompasses large panels of fabrics which stacks neatly behind each another when open, allowing maximum light into the room. Sliding the panels into the closed position creates a complete fabric screen providing light control and increased privacy. A very popular choice when it comes to our Designer Fabric selection. The Sliding Panel Blind will transform the look of any room with its cultured, sophisticated appearance.


Roman Blinds

Add elegance and style to your home with Roman Blinds made from delicate, sumptuous, modern & natural textured fabrics. the Roman Blind mixes the sharp lines of contemporary decor with the luxurious presence of textiles. Unlike other traditional Roman Blinds, ours operate with a metal chain – so you will have no cords gearing tangled when operating. Available in minimum, medium or maximum stacking, you can personalise the blind to blind with your rooms decor. The Roman Blind is a great alternative option to the Roller Blind with a bit more style.

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Motorised Blinds

The future is here! Get the blind of the future today! At a click of a button you can raise or lower your blinds to the selected position to allow for the correct amount of light and privacy. Control your blinds individually of at the flick of a button or control all your blinds simultaneously. Radio frequency technology means that no line of sight is necessary to control your blinds so you do not even have to be in the same room. Perfect for large windows, windows up high, bedrooms & boardroom. This is a Blind to Impress! Motorised Blinds are available on all our products. All Motors come with a 5 year warranty.


Outdoor Roller Blinds

This Blind is a modern alternative to your patio. The SheerWeave fabric manages heat and glare on your patio while remaining your view. Outdoor Sheerweave blinds can be made up to 5,1m wide and a maximum drop of 3m. This allows for large areas to be covered in one blind. The Outdoor roller blinds comes with a motorised option as well as side channel and weather proof cassettes.

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Vision Blinds

The newest blind on the market! Vision is a stylish fabric that gently filters and often daylight while also offering you the option of full privacy. Vision Blind offers an ideal balance between privacy and light control in a fashionable way by using bold eye-catching stripes. Vision Blind features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal stripes fabric. A single control allows the front layer to move independently of the back so that the stripes glide between each other creating an open and closed effect, with limitless light control. With the functions of a Roller Blind and the practicality of a Venetian Blind – you will make no mistake choosing this blind for your window.

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